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FaceApp Pro MOD APK

FaceApp Pro MOD APK v11.10.2 [VIP Unlocked] For Android

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Photo Editor


FaceApp Technology Ltd.

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93 MB

MOD Features

  • Watermark Removed
  • Premium Features Unlocked
  • All Filter Unlocked




• Free access to advanced tools.
• Professional-quality photos without watermarks.
• Latest filters and effects.
• Advanced facial recognition technology.
• Experimentation with hair and makeup tools.
• Advanced security features.



This article discusses many different AI (artificial intelligence) issues and how they can be utilized. For instance, it speaks of the scientific basis behind rainbows and the benefits of going outside for your overall health. AI is increasing. In fact, many Android and iOS apps use AI to transform their actions into the actions of humans.

FaceApp can be one such application. It employs AI to alter the appearance of users’ faces, including their gender and hair color, age, and beard styles. Users love using FaceApp to create profiles or increase those of friends with humorous images. FaceApp can be the sole AI image editor in the Google Play Store. Google Play Store has color options that can be altered, filters, and tools to auto-edit.

FaceApp Pro, on the contrary, is priced at 299 INR per month, or 1599 INR for the year and 399 INR for the life, and allows users to enjoy unique features. This article provides an option to install FaceApp Pro APK, which lets you sign up for free if you cannot pay the subscription fees. The material is designed to educate the user to be motivated and encourage and motivate users to discover more about the world surrounding them.

What Is Faceapp Apk

FaceApp can be described as an AI-powered image editing application for Android. It was launched on Valentine’s Day in 2017. With over 100 million users downloading it, it’s become the most popular application in the Google Play Store, with an average of 4.7 rating and a staggering three million+ user reviews. FaceApp makes use of neural or machine-learning networks to alter faces. It has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for children to edit images. Users must take a picture or upload it via Google Drive or the file manager device age. The app provides a range of editing tools.

Face Editing Features

* Impression: Different facial types such as Hollywood, Kiss, Silk, Cute, Glance.

* Smiles: Create and enhance smiles that aren’t settled with four types of edits.

* Beards: Pick from goatee, hipster, and mustache styles.

* Gender: Change and adjust the gender of the face.

• Morphing: Combine facial styles with famous faces or other desirable ones.

* Age: Increase or reduce age.

* Colors for Hair: Include hairstyles, colors, and the ability to adjust brightness and color.

Featured Components

FaceApp Pro APK FaceApp Pro APK offers access to all paid-for professional tools, including altering your face’s age filters, hairstyles, and facial beard styling. Users can change or increase their age and make funny photos. The app also offers numerous filters, such as brightness contrast, hue, and brightness adjustments. Users can also alter their hairstyles and beards within the application. The desirable function is the ability to eliminate FaceApp watermarks off images without paying a single rupee. The FaceApp A.I. automatic adjuster automatically alters individualizations to ensure an accurate picture.

Extra Benefits and Features

FaceApp Pro offers no-cost access to stickers, tattoos, and a tool to adjust smiles that provides five options for customization. Additionally, it has filters and the ability to create background features that can be used to offer suitable backgrounds for photos. Women widely desire this makeup tool, with over ten customizations, such as matte, glossy, dark bright, and dark matte. It also has a makeup tool with more than ten options to alter their appearance.

Final Word

FaceApp Pro APK is an Android image editor that runs on devices running Android 4.4. Based on the Russian image editor FaceApp, this version adds advanced artificial intelligence technology and provides a user interface. FaceApp Pro features are fully supported, as is its latest version, meaning no updates need to be applied or updates for it to work reliably; furthermore, after passing over ten attempts successfully without security or data loss issues.

FaceApp Pro MOD APK is an industry game-changer in photo editing apps, featuring premium features, a straightforward interface, and cutting-edge AI technology. It is ideal for amateur and professional photographers to enhance selfies or experiment with different looks for photos while having fun editing fun memories together. Download from trusted sources for safety, and unlock your photo-editing potential today with FaceApp Pro!


Q1: Is FaceApp Pro MOD APK safe to download?

A1: Although FaceApp Pro MOD APK offers many enticing features, it’s essential to download from reliable and safe sources to protect yourself and your device by avoiding unofficial or unknown websites.

Q2: Should I root my device to use FaceApp Pro MOD APK?

No rooting is required as FaceApp Pro MOD APK was explicitly created to function seamlessly on both rooted and un-rooted devices.

 Will using FaceApp Pro MOD APK invalidate my warranty?

 No warranty cancellation due to installing this mod apk

A3: Modifying an APK may void your warranty; before proceeding further, the device maker must fully comprehend all associated consequences.

Does FaceApp Pro MOD APK support iOS devices?

Unfortunately, FaceApp Pro MOD APK is only designed for Android phones now; similar apps may exist on iOS platforms for users interested in downloading MOD APKs; however, this requires extra steps and software installation compared with Android platforms.

What should I do if FaceApp Pro MOD APK crashes or doesn’t work as it doesn’t?

If any problems arise with using FaceApp, try uninstalling and downloading from an authorized source once more before trying reinstallation/downloading again from that same source; also, verify if your device meets compatibility and storage capacity criteria before giving this approach another go if issues persist; alternatively, consider purchasing its official counterpart through an official app store instead.


How to install FACEAPP PRO MOD APK?

1. Tap the downloaded FACEAPP PRO MOD APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


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