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XRecorder Mod APK 120FPS v2.3.6.2 VIP/PRO/UNLOCKED

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  • High Frame Rate Recording
  • Built-In Editor
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XRecorder Mod APK 120Fps an effective tool to capture quality video tutorials of the highest standard, captivating video calls, as well as exclusive videos. By a simple tap of the innovative floating ball users can effortlessly reduce, trim and divide videos, giving an elegant appearance. This cross-platform editing software permits users to change the proportions and backgrounds to suit any event.

Pro Video Recorder Pro Video Recorder was designed to take your desirable moments beautifully, using the ability to change its floating ball style and its opacity that allows for personalization. A single tap trash control allows users to turn off or start recording, while removing watermarks that are ugly as well as taking clear video as well as screenshots with no interruptions.

The limitations on recording and rooting are not necessary, which makes XRecorder Mod APK an ideal option for skillful gamers as well as Vloggers. The application allows for recording that record at 120 frames per second. It also comes with a built-in editor and top-quality audio capabilities. XRecorder Mod APK is a standout from the crowd of screen recording applications due to the advanced features it offers and its performance.

Stream on YouTube and RTMP to Be a Gaming Star

for gamers who want to become superstars live streaming can be crucial to building an audience as well as displaying your knowledge. XRecorder Mod APK 120Fps helps make it easy by allowing seamless integration with live streaming on popular platforms such as YouTube as well as RTMP (Real-Time messaging protocol). This allows you to stream your tutorials, gameplay as well as other material in real-time and engage with viewers while things happen.

Easy YouTube Integration

One of the most well-known sites for live streaming is YouTube, and XRecorder MOD APK has a very simple set-up procedure for streaming direct to the YouTube channel. In just a couple of steps, you’ll be live and allow your viewers to join in and view your material when it’s created. This app can stream high-quality video and ensures that your audio and video are crystal clean and competent.

RTMP Support for Flexibility

Additionally to YouTube XRecorder Mod can also support RTMP, which allows for streaming on a greater selection of devices. If you’re a fan of Twitch, Facebook Live, or any other platform which supports streaming via RTMP, you are able to adapt the application for streaming of your material. RTMP supports ensures you are able to reach viewers regardless of where they want to stream increasing your reach and reach.

Real-Time Interaction

Engagement is an essential aspect in live streaming. the XRecorder Mod app offers features that allow you to interact with viewers. It has chat integration which allows you to view and reply to messages immediately. This helps to create an atmosphere of belonging and helps keep your users interested and returning for more.

Customizable Settings

It also comes with adjustable settings that can enhance the live stream experience. It allows you to adjust the quality of streaming as well as frame rate and the audio parameters to suit your requirements and assure the smoothest stream. The adjustments benefit to provide the accurate experience possible for viewing when you’re streaming an intense game or the most comprehensive tutorial.

Seamless Performance

The performance is crucial for live streaming and the XRecorder Mod APK 120Fps does well in this regard. The application is made to manage high-quality streaming without hindering your device’s performance. That means that you are able to concentrate on entertaining and instructing your viewers without having to worry about interruptions or technical issues.

With the help that comes with XRecorder Mod APK it is easy to enter the realm of live streaming, and take your material up to new levels. Interact with your fans and showcase your skills and create your image as a gaming star through your benefit of this adaptable and powerful application.

Record games forever with the best recorder

This XRecorder MOD APK application is simple to use and lets players capture precise and clear gaming experiences. With 120 frames per second, the app captures each frame in clear detail. The built-in editor allows users to trim or cut and also add innovative effects, making it simple to store games memories for the ages. If you’re looking to record gameplay footage with no time limit XRecorder is your excellent method to actually achieve this.


Remarkable 120fps Recording

The XRecorder Mod APK distinguishes itself with its remarkable 120 frames per second recording capability – ideal for professional gamers or those that require accurate recordings through recording at 120 frames per second. The high frame rate assure each action will be recorded accurately, resulting in high-quality videos that delight the viewers their senses.

Advanced Built-in Editor

Creating custom post-recording videos is easy with our powerful editor integrated directly within our app. Users can trim, cut and apply effects right in our easy-to-use editing tools that do not require separate software. It saves both time and energy when editing video!

Unlimited Recording Time

Contrary to many applications for screen recording that have limits on time duration, The XRecorder Mod APK allows for an unlimited duration of recording – which makes it ideal for gaming sessions or tutorials, as well as any other situation which requires uninterrupted recording – for example, tutorials. You don’t have to doubt about mid-way recordings cutting off!

High-Quality Audio Recording

An excellent video needs quality audio that is of the highest element. XRecorderMod APK does just this through its capability to create high-quality sound for videos that contain tutorials or other informative content where quality audio is equally a significant aspect. The audio features of this app allow the XRecorder Mod APK the perfect choice.

User-Friendly Interface

One of the most appealing features of XRecorder MOD APK is the user-friendly interface that is designed to allow anyone with no technical knowledge to quickly make and edit recordings without any hassle or confusion. With its simple interface and buttons editing or recording can start immediately, enabling a seamless user experience!

Performance and Usability Are Interdependent

Quality of Recording mes XRecorder is distinct from its competitors due to its recorder’s ability to capture 120 frames per second and smooth, fluid videos that have zero delays when recorded in 120 frames per second (fps) which makes it ideal for events that are fast-paced such as running races. Frame rate and resolution remain the same throughout the course of events and ensuring absolutely no decrease in quality with time.

Editing Tools

Our editor is a remarkable piece of software that has an array of editing tools designed to satisfy all editing needs. Users can join, cut or add sounds to their recordings. Its intuitive user interface allows quick adjustments and enhancements.

Audio Synchronization

This app excels in recording high quality audio. The application records flawless clarity and quality, while also remaining completely synced to the video, resulting in seamless recordings with the narration of a live show or commentaries. It ensures that your recordings will remain in top-quality payoff!

Ease of Use

The design of the application is based on ease of use and speed from beginning through the entire process – starting with starting the initial configuration all the way to recording itself, reducing the effort of users, while taking into consideration their preferences with no any hassle or work from their side. The application has extensive settings which can be managed by user-friendly menus with the minimum input from users.

Final Words

XRecorder Mod APK is an advanced screen recorder that has audio capabilities that allow for recording and preserving digital lives. It’s appropriate as a tool for well-qualified material creators gamers, gamers, and other gamers to show off the gaming abilities in order to increase the quality of their material creation. It provides high frame rate recording, a variety of editing tools as well as the ability to stream live in a seamless manner. It’s a trusted tool to improve material production and delivering professional streams and recordings. If you’re a gamer material producer, or user XRecorder Mod APK is essential for anyone who wants to improve their material production process and engage their viewers.


Q Does the XRecorder Mod APK secure to use?

The answer is yes, XRecorder Mod APK is completely safe to download and use. It’s been tested for malware and viruses, and there are no dangerous components that were found. Always warrant that you download the application from a reliable source to stay clear of security threats.

Q What is the desirable way to use XRecorder Mod APK for both Android as well as iOS phones?

The the XRecorder Mod APK is accessible for Android devices. However, it’s unusable with iOS. But, there are comparable apps for iOS users that offer similar functions.

Q What is the system requirements to run XRecorder Mod APK?

To use XRecorder Mod APK efficiently, you’ll need an Android device that runs Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or greater. Also, a minimum of 3GB of RAM is required to assure optimal performance, particularly to record high-resolution video.

Q How can I turn on the feature of recording at 120 fps?

To allow 120fps video recording, open the app’s settings and choose ‘Recording Settings select ‘120fps’ under the frame rates options. Check that your device can support recording at a high frame rate, since not all models have this feature.

Q Can the XRecorder Mod APK allow other microphones?

Yes, XRecorder Mod APK supports external microphones. Connect your microphone to your device’s headphone connector or USB port, and then select the input source as an audio source in the settings of the app.

Q How can I modify my videos after they’ve been stored?

Absolutely! XRecorder Mod APK comes with an editor built-in that lets users to cut, trim as well as add effects as well as make adjustments to your videos directly inside the application. It allows you to improve your video without the need for more software.

Q Do you have a limit on recording duration in the XRecorder Mod APK?

The length of the recording is mostly determined by the capacity of the device. So long as you’ve got adequate storage space and memory, you are able to record long durations. Pay attention to the performance of your device while recording lengthy sessions.

Q How do stream on other platforms beyond YouTube or other RTMP-based platforms?

Although the XRecorder Mod APK is natively compatible with YouTube as well as RTMP however, it is possible to use other third-party applications that support RTMP streams for broadcasting to different platforms. You’ll have to change the stream’s URL and keys supplied by the third party service.

A: Do you know if there are there in-app purchases, or ads?

XRecorder Mod APK provides a completely free of ads and does not provide in-app purchase. This guarantees a seamless and uninterrupted user experience when with the full suite of functions.



How to install XRecorder MOD APK ?

1. Tap the downloaded XRecorder MOD APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


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