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Gb WhatsApp Pro APK v17.85 – Latest Version Unlocked

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Gb WhatsApp.

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ABOUT Gb WhatsApp Pro APK

Gb WhatsApp Pro APK is an enhanced version of WhatsApp that allows ad-free and secure communication. It comes with vibrant themes, appealing designs, fonts with special effects and beautiful emoticons. It is easy to use and provides a more secure and private communications experience. It comes with features such as an autoresponder, message scheduler and user-friendly interfaces. GB WhatsApp Pro APK caters to every communication need such as privacy, customizing and the management of many accounts. The unique features it offers make it a useful tool to stay in touch to family, friends, and colleagues.

Latest Version GB Whatsapp APK Download (Updated) March 2024|Login FIXED Version(Official)

The most recent version of GBWhatsApp which was released on March 20, 2024 features major improvements as well as bug fix that boost the user experience. The new version has the FIXED problem with logins that a few users had to face before, as well as more secure and streamlined features. This APK file for this update is available to download from a variety of sites However, it’s important that you warrant that the source for download is reliable and trustworthy in order to ensure that you are safe from security threats. It is also suggested that you backup your chats and other media prior to updating to the most current version.

Fixing “You Need the Official WhatsApp to Log In”

Users who experience issues with the “You need the official WhatsApp to log in” problem in GBWhatsApp are usually able to fix it by confirming the version they’re together and then updating GBWhatsApp to the most current version. It’s crucial that you warrant your with the most current version to avoid issues with compatibility. Cleaning the app’s cache and data from the settings of your device can help benefit to fix this problem. If issues persist then restarting GBWhatsApp after backup of your media and chats is suggested. Make sure to download the latest updates through a reliable source to ensure security and function.

How to Modify Your Phone So You Can Use Two WhatsApp Accounts

With GBWhatsApp you can utilize 2 WhatsApp account on one device this is an exclusive advantage. This feature is particularly useful for those looking to keep the business and personal conversations. Install and download GBWhatsApp as well as the official WhatsApp application to create another WhatsApp account. After installation, you can check the second number and adjust the settings according to your requirements. The ability to have 2 accounts can make it much easier to manage several conversations and contacts on a single device.

GBWhatsApp vs WhatsApp

The two apps GB WhatsApp and the official WhatsApp application are both utilized for communicating and talking to one another, however there are a few key distinctions between them. GBWhatsApp lets users personalize their experience by changing themes fonts, themes, and even their interface. 

You can hide your online status and view green ticks (read receipts) and double ticks (delivery receipts) to ensure your privacy. GBWhatsApp allows you to send more pictures and larger files at the same time, something that is not possible with WhatsApp. However, these features can pose security threats and could result in the possibility of your WhatsApp Inc. account being suspended for violating their conditions of service. If users are trying to select the excellent application for their requirements, they should consider these options with care.

GBWhatsApp Features


GBWhatsApp users can take advantage of the ability to fully customize their application interface by switching themes. This feature offers a broad selection of themes to download, allowing users to customize their application’s appearance alike to their mood or preferences.

Bulk Sender

The bulk sender feature lets users to send messages to multiple contacts at the same time without having to form groups. This is especially beneficial for companies and people who are looking to communicate information quickly and conveniently.

Hide your status, Seen.

With GBWhatsApp users can access the status of their friends, without alerting them. This feature gives security and privacy. You can also control who can view their status.

DND Mode

Do not disturb (DND) Mode is beneficial for those who want to turn off WhatsApp notifications, without having to switch their phones to airplane mode. When enabled, GBWhatsApp stops internet access to the app, allowing users to use their device without interruption from messages.

App Lock

Its App Lock feature adds an extra security feature by the requirement of a password or a pattern to access the application. It ensures that your messages are private and secure even if someone else is able to use your mobile.

Auto Reply

Automatic Reply can be a useful time saving option that will automatically send a pre-set reply to any messages received. This feature is especially useful for those who receive lots of messages and wish to ensure that their communications are always on point.

Advance Messaging Features

GBWhatsApp offers advanced features for messaging, such as sending larger videos, documents, and more photos simultaneously, and sending messages that can be scheduled to be sent out later.


The Anti-revoke feature lets users look up messages that others have deleted. This means that you do not need to be concerned whether the material of deleted messages.

Send Maximum Pictures

In contrast to the official WhatsApp that limits the number of pictures that you can share simultaneously, GBWhatsApp extends this limit substantially by allowing users to upload more pictures simultaneously.

Security and Privacy Features

GBWhatsApp gives users improved privacy and security features, like blocking online status and double ticks (read receipts) as well as double ticks (delivery receipts) which give users greater control over their WhatsApp use, and also ensuring privacy in their communications.

Send Image Quality

GBWhatsApp users enjoy the distinct advantage of sending pictures of better quality than what is available for users of official WhatsApp. This means that images will retain clarity and clarity This makes the app perfect to share important photos when quality is the top priority.

Download Status

Another unique aspect that is unique to GBWhatsApp is the capability to download status updates posted by contacts. Users can save pictures as well as videos, or GIFs that are posted through the section for status directly on their devices to view later or sharing.

Free Voice and Video Calls

GBWhatsApp can make calls via video and voice over an internet connection, providing an alternative to traditional phone calls that could cost you. This feature is great to make international calls as well as keeping connected to relatives and friends around the world without cost.

New Group Features

With GBWhatsApp the groups are improved by introducing new features, like the ability to define group descriptions, assign admin roles, and much more. These improvements help to manage and participate in groups much easier and practical than on the official WhatsApp.

Filter Messages

This Filter Messages feature gives users with a simple method of managing messages. It enables quick filtering of messages according to unread or read groups and helps users keep their messages organized and focused only on messages which are most important.

GIFs are available from GIPHY & Tenor

Gb WhatsApp Pro APK integrates with top GIF platforms such as GIPHY and Tenor providing users with an extensive collection of animated GIFs. This improves the user experience when messaging by allowing more expressive and enjoyable conversations.

By incorporating the benefit of these more options, GBWhatsApp significantly enhances the user experience by offering greater the flexibility, personalization and sophisticated control options that meet the various demands of its customers.

Why People Prefer Using Gb WhatsApp Pro APK

User Control and Customization

  • Themes: Extensive selection allows personalization.
  • CSS and Fonts Customized You can tailor the chat experience to suit your preferences.
  • User Interface Modification Customization of the HTML0 interface: Change how the app appears and is.

Enhanced Privacy Features

  • Hide Online Status: Maintain privacy about your app usage.
  • Blue Ticks and double ticks Select the time to display the read or received notifications.
  • Status privacy Check others’ statuses, without not being aware.

Better Communication Tools

  • bulk sender Send messages to multiple contacts at once.
  • Automatic Respond Set messages to automatically respond.
  • Scheduled SMS send messages at specific times.

Increased Limits on Media and Messages

  • Send larger files as well as videos Break through WhatsApp’s size limitations.
  • Other Images at a Time : You can share more images in one move.
  • Quality images Keep clarity when you send photos.

Advanced Features Not Found in Official WhatsApp

  • Anti-revoke Messages: View deleted messages.
  • Status of Download Save statuses of your friends onto your mobile.
  • DND Mode Stopping WhatsApp notifications if necessary.

Security Enhancements

  • app lock : Guard your messages using the use of a password and pattern.
  • Encryption: Secure communication for privacy.
  • regular updates Regular updates to improve security and add features.

These features contribute to the increasing popularity of GBWhatsApp in place of official apps, since these features offer additional users with unmatched control privacy, security, and comfort which makes their experience completely customized and secure.

Let me explain GBWhatsApp Pro and GBWhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp Pro offers additional features and customization options beyond those found in its unofficial counterpart GB WhatsApp, such as privacy settings, customizable themes and the option for multiple account usage on one device. Both versions operate outside the official WhatsApp Inc platform which could compromise data security or privacy; therefore it’s essential that careful research be performed prior to selecting one over the other.

GB WhatsApp Banned Problem Solution

Unofficial versions of WhatsApp such as GBWhatsApp have been blocked due to security and service violations, making users migrate back into official app by backing up chats, uninstalling them and installing official version – regular backups as well as refraining from any modifications are essential for keeping data security.

GBWhatsApp for iPhone

GBWhatsApp Compatibility Challenges with iOS

App Store Unavailability: Due to strict review policies and unofficial nature, GBWhatsApp is not available on the App Store.
Installation Process: Using third-party websites or app stores may pose security risks.
Jailbreaking Risk: Certain installation methods may void warranties and expose devices to security vulnerabilities.
Feature Limitations: Certain Android features may need revision or removal on iPhone due to iOS’s closed system.
Compliance Issues: Regular iOS updates may affect functionality or cause app discontinuation.
Privacy and Security Concerns: Using GBWhatsApp on iPhone may breach WhatsApp’s terms of service.


GB WhatsApp Pro Apk provides users with new features and advantages at no additional costs, making the software accessible on Android devices without incurring extra costs or incurring hidden charges for using premium features such as caller ID blocking. While providing advanced privacy protection features and some device integrity risks protection, users should carefully assess any extra features as well as potential threats before choosing this version of WhatsApp for their device and data security purposes.


Can I make use of GB WhatsApp Pro APK alongside the WhatsApp? WhatsApp?

Yes the WhatsApp Pro APK WhatsApp Pro APK has dual WhatsApp account functions, which allows users to use it in conjunction with an Official WhatsApp app on the same gadget.

My chat history will be saved after switching to GB WhatsApp Pro?

You can backup your chat history on WhatsApp official WhatsApp as well as restore the history to GB WhatsApp Pro APK. But, due to differences in the platform and software, there could be certain limitations.

What do I need to update the GB the WhatsApp Pro app?

The GB WhatsApp Pro APK does not update automatically as does WhatsApp Pro, the original WhatsApp. It is necessary to download the most recent version from the site that you installed the application from, and then install by hand.

What should I do if I have issues with GB WhatsApp Pro APK?

If you need benefit or assistance we can be reached via our support channels. We’re ready to benefit you with any issue that you might face.

Do I have the choice of reverting back to authentic WhatsApp after together the GB WhatsApp Pro?

Yes, you are able to revert to official WhatsApp. Be sure to backup your chat history with GB WhatsApp Pro before disabling it so that you can retrieve your chat history within the official application.

For more details on our services and assistance, please don’t hesitate to talk to our customer support team. Get the most out of your chat experience with GB WhatsApp Pro APK!


How to install Gb WhatsApp Pro APK ?

1. Tap the downloaded Gb WhatsApp Pro APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


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